Class Levels

To make it even easier for you to decide which of our classes to take next, we’ve graded them so you can see clearly how much sewing, if any, you’ll need to have done before. If you’ve got more experience than the level of the class you are of course still very welcome to come along – lots of people come to classes for the social aspect and everyone, no matter how experienced always leaves having learnt something new.

We ask that you do ensure you’re at the correct level of experience for the class, to make sure it runs smoothly for everyone. If you’re not sure, please do contact us.

1 – Complete Beginner

Never touched a sewing machine before, or it’s been so long you’ve forgotten the difference between your spool pin and your stitch selector!

2 – Newcomer

Have used a sewing machine recently, can wind a bobbin, thread the machine and sew in a straight line.

3 – Confident Beginner

Comfortable using a sewing machine as per level 2, know how to use different seam allowances, back stitch at the beginning and end of a seam and finish seams with a zig zag stitch as appropriate. You’ll have made a couple of projects before such as cushions, tote bags, bunting or similar and be happy pinning and cutting fabric.

4 – Improver/Intermediate

You know how to read a dressmaking pattern, understand what grainline and notches are and are able to meet all the elements of previous levels. Confident sewing with stable fabrics like cotton lawn and poplin. Can pin and cut fabric and sewing patterns with minimal supervision. You want to start sewing with drapey and/or stretch fabrics and making more involved garments.

5 – Advanced

You have completed a number of dressmaking projects to a good standard. You know how to add a facing, finish seams, insert a basic zip, sew buttonholes and darts. Can pin and cut fabric & sewing patterns without supervision. You’re looking to finesse your techniques for more advanced elements of dressmaking.